Artist Statement

In regards to his artistic endeavors, he expresses, "The vision I strive to convey through my paintings stems from the boundless reservoirs of my imagination. There are no confines to what the mind can conjure. Translating my thoughts and concepts into reality poses the ultimate challenge as an artist. My artworks amalgamate various mediums such as canvas, acrylic paint, hot wax, wet cement, plaster, sculpted forms, and spatial elements, harmonizing to produce pieces that exude both timelessness and dynamism. Continuously scouting the world for fresh inspiration, distinctive natural hues, and innovative color combinations, I aim to enrich my creations. By forging connections with my surroundings, I believe I can craft art that is intricate and distinctive, yet inherently simple."

Mr. Rockwood, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, has traversed locales such as Los Angeles and Dallas in his lifetime. Graduating from San Jose State University in 1986 with an undergraduate degree, he later pursued culinary education in California, subsequently honing his culinary skills in prominent Northern California establishments. His foray into painting commenced during his culinary studies, a passion that has steadfastly accompanied him ever since. Relocating to Western Pennsylvania in 1996, he has diligently refined his craft through formal art education and collaborations with fellow artists. Innovating with techniques like welding, metal fabrication, statuary casting, and silk-screening, he continues to push the boundaries of his art.

His oeuvre has graced numerous solo and group exhibitions, while his affiliations include memberships in esteemed organizations such as the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, and Group A. His latest creations employ unconventional materials, with canvas and fabric layered in cement and encaustic paint. Employing these methods, he sculpts the canvas into intricate designs of form and color, resulting in paintings imbued with three-dimensional qualities and multimedia elements that transcend traditional canvas constraints.