Artist Statement

About his work, he states, "The vision I attempt to create through painting arises from the endless resources that are constructed in my imagination. There are no limits to what can be imagined. Bringing my thoughts and ideas to fruition is where I am challenged as an artist. My paintings are composed of a combination of mediums including canvas, acrylic paint, hot wax, wet cement, plaster, sculptured shapes, and space that in concert creates art that is both timeless and dynamic. I am always examining the world around me for new ideas, unique natural colors, and a combination of colors to enhance my work. Through my relationship to the world, I feel that I am able to create art that is complex and unique, yet still simple.”
Mr. Rockwood was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. He has lived in Los Angeles and Dallas. After receiving an undergraduate degree from San Jose State University in 1986, he attended culinary school in California and has worked as a chef in many important Northern California restaurants
He started painting while in chef school and his painting and creation of art have followed him throughout his life. He relocated to Western Pennsylvania in 1996. He has developed his art, through art study and affiliations with other artists. He enlists new techniques in welding, metal fabrication; statuary casting, and silk-screening to help his art evolve to its present state.
His artwork has been displayed in several solo and group shows and he is a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, and Group A. His newest works utilize canvas and other fabric coated in layers of cement and encaustic paint. He uses these techniques to form the canvas into a complex design of shapes and colors. What is created is a painting with three-dimensional qualities and multimedia aspects that allow the work to transcend the parameters of the canvas.